may the sex be with you

First Period English

Ugh another day in this hell hole I thought to myself while entering school for an agonizing six hour day. Luckily I had English first period, now i’m not of fan of English but i am a fan of my teacher i must say. The way his curls messily sat on his head or the way his bright green eyes cut you like a knife.

When class finally started we began with our usually lesson. Today i couldn’t concentrate. I was overly horny and wanted his huge cock inside me. I watched his hands as he wrote on the board imagining how they could pleasure me. I absent mind-ingly started playing with myself i ran my fingers over my clit and started vigorously rubbing. I sat in the back and i was lucky no one could get a good look at what i was doing. I accidently let out a huge moan. Boy did i regret it. Just then Mr.Styles focused his eyes on me.

I immediately stopped praying he didn’t realize what went down. For once i couldn’t wait for the class to end. After ten agonizing minutes the bell rang. I rushed to gather all my books. Just when I was about to step into the hallway I heard a voice from behind. Shit

“[y/n]! Not so fast I need to have word with you to you”

Once the last kid left the class I prepared myself to be in big trouble and humiliated. Little did I know my outbreak in class would come as a blessing.

“tsk tsk tsk, [y/n] don’t think I don’t know what you were doing back there you bad girl” he growled

“I….I uhh um well yo—“

“Pleasuring yourself to my image, I can’t say came as a surprise though I always knew you were a little slut”

Before I knew it he dropped his pants to the floor. Exposing his boxer, and the bulge that look like I it was about to break though any second now. I swiftly took down his boxers. Freeing himself from the confining material with a sigh of relief. As if on cue his length snapped up to his well defined abs. Boy did this get my going. I was dripping thorough my lace thong, craving him. His dick was enormous. Sure I had been with many guys but none this big.

“Don’t just stare at it, suck it you whore! You’ve been a very naughty girl”

You took his huge cock in your mouth trying your best to fit

it…1/4 in now ½ half. All the sudden you felt daring and took it all in. You did your best to ignore you gag reflex. Mr.Stlyes moaned


“god [y/n] fuck your so good don’t stop”

You continued to suck his length until he pulled you up to eye level and started sucking on you neck. You moaned when he hit you sweet spot

“mhmmm mr.Stlyes” you roared feeling weak at the knees

“Please [y/n] after the blow you just gave me you can call me harry”

One thing led to another and harry was ripping your thong off while removed his shirt. He picked you up and placed you on his desk. He spared you legs and before you knew it 2 fingers plunged into you.

“Oh fuck Harry ..f-f-assster, Pleasee”

To you satisfaction in quickened his pace and you felt your abs tighten.

“Is this what you were imagining? Me sticking my huge finger into you tight little pussy…Fucking you senseless”

You let out a barely audible moan. Harry was hitting your g-spot with every finger thrust. You needed his cock in you.


Just then he cut you off by pulling his fingers out licking them clean. You shot him a confused look

“You want more slut? You want me to fuck you huh”

“y-y-ess, yes o-h god yes”

“Then beg [y/n]”


“Beg like you mean it whore. I know you can do better”

“FUCK HARRY! Shove you huge throbbing cock in my tight little pussy and fuck me till I can’t move uhhh”

Just then he plunged his huge dick inside you. Thrusting hard giving you no time to adjust”

“oh god” you moaned

“fuck [y/n], you’re so tight!” he practically shouted

“d-deeper, oh god deeper”

He thrusts in deeper hitting you g-spot without fail. He’s going so fast your tits are bouncing in your shirt. He soon ripped your shirt off sucking you nipples so hard they begin to ache, this just about puts you over the edge.


“OH GOD [Y/N] you feels so good! F-ucckk”


“Not yet wait! I’m so close don’t you dare cum unless I give you permission slut.”

“I can’t hold it much l-longer” you moan gripping his hair.

In what feels like 10 minutes but in reality is about fifteen seconds you feel his dick begin to throb.

“NOW [Y/N]”

You then both ride out you highs. Screaming and moaning in pure pleasure. You feel his warm cum fill you vagina”



He pulls out and you both get dressed.

“Maybe I should punish you more often miss [y/n]” he states with a cheeky grin

“Definitely I mean I am a naughty girl you respond with a wink and passionately kiss him before exiting….let’s just say you were late for your next class.


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