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A Liam Payne Story

I grabbed my keys and bag, bringing it over my shoulder. “Babe… where are you going?” I looked to see my boyfriend Chad walking towards me. I suddenly felt uneasy, seeing him come so near to me. He just wasn’t the guy I met last year. Whenever he got mad, let’s just say… he would show it. I tried to be vague with him. “I-I’m just going out for a bit. I’ll be back, okay?” I made a polite smile as I stepped towards the door. He then grabbed my shoulders, quickly turning me around. “Where are you going?” He asked with his jaw clenched. He never liked not having a straight answer. “I-I’m just going out, Chad. Please… I will come back, okay?” He didn’t let that slide, pushing me down on the ground; raising his voice; “Where are you going?! TELL ME!” I looked up at him in fear; “I’m going to a One Direction signing, okay?! I-It’s their last day in town.” He always hated One Direction, and he never knew that I would relax to their voices every night as I cried myself to sleep while Chad slept like a rock. 
“Fine. I’m coming with you.” I shook my head, sitting up to object, making him slam his hand against my jaw. I then felt my head fly back as I looked down, slowly nodding. “Good girl.” I slowly got up, feeling a sting on my cheek. “Now go and get make up. Cover that up.” He said, gesturing to the red developing on my cheek. I grabbed powder from my bag, covering it up carefully as he drove to the performance center. This day was supposed to be special for me and only me, only to be ruined by someone that I was too scared to leave or oppose. 
We arrived at the center, looking around at the people swarming the table where the boys sat. Chad looked at me and said; “I have to use the men’s room. Don’t you dare do anything stupid, or I will drag you out of here. Got it?” I nodded quickly, looking away from his eyes. He then exhaled sharply before leaving for the men’s room. I then went over to the tables, looking at the security guard tell me it was my turn. I stepped to the table, smiling politely at Louis, Niall, Harry and then Zayn. I was smiling bright as I got to Liam, knowing his voice soothed me the most from this nightmare of a life. Suddenly I heard Chad. “(Y/N)!” I then looked the see Chad, his arms crossed. My eyes instantly teared at the thought of him coming near me. I then looked at Liam, with him actually seeing the tears in my eyes. “(Y/N), get your ass over here. Now.” He said, making me look at Liam; mouthing “Sorry.” Before making my way back to Chad. 
“What were you doing?! Flirting with some guy?! Or all of them?!” He yelled in my face, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. I looked down, speaking quiet. “Chad, please stop yelling.” He then gathered anger; slamming his clenched fist into my stomach. I hutched over, gripping my stomach as I went to the floor. “HEY!” I heard yelling from across the room. It sounded like Harry. I then heard the legs of chairs drag against the floor as all five of them stood up; hurrying past the security guards. None of the fans even tried to get to the boys; they only stood in shock at the sight of Liam coming over to Chad, starting to beat him to a pulp. I started to cough out blood from the floor, feeling his fist still slam my stomach. I then felt someone near me, so I opened my eyes to see Liam, looking down at me. He then carefully scooped me in his arms, walking past the fans, security guards to get me somewhere safe. 
I woke up that evening in a giant bed, tucked underneath thick covers. I looked around the room, not recognizing a thing. I saw the television, the chairs… it looked like a fancy version of a hotel room. I felt extreme soreness once I tried to sit up, but I have felt so much worse. I got out of bed and opened the door to find Liam asleep on the couch. It wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t like a fantasy of him saving me… it really happened. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Hell, I was afraid to even take a couple steps. So I just stood there, looking at Liam. Before long, he slowly opened his eyes and slowly stretched his back and arms. 
He then saw me standing in one spot, standing up suddenly like the gentlemen he was. He came over to me, opening his arms. “Morning, love.” I was surprised that he was being so forward. He looked confused and stepped to me. “Babe, did you have another dream about Chad?” I slowly nodded, making him step over me, taking me in a hug. “H-How do you know his name?” He lightly chuckled as he rubbed my back. “You talk in your sleep.” I quietly giggled, making him hold me tighter. “Thanks for… saving me.” He pulled back and smiled. “Of course, love. I would never let such a gorgeous girl like you get hurt.”
I looked up at him, not sure what else to say but thank yous. I looked up in his eyes, getting a little nervous about how close he was. I found him looking at my lips, and I couldn’t believe he wanted to kiss someone like me. His face was so close and he whispered; “(Y/N)… please let me kiss you. I’ve wanted to since the signing.” I just nodded, like a reaction. He quietly chuckled as he held my butchered jaw, leaning in slowly. I stood still and felt his lips on mine. I slowly kissed him back, with his body getting closer. He slowly pulled back and looked down at me. “I wanted to do that when you woke up.” I smiled lightly as I asked; “Why?” He shrugged and simply answered; “Because you deserve to be with a man. Not a petty boy.” I smiled lightly and looked at his lips as he kissed me again. 
He held me close as we started to lightly make out. I didn’t oppose him, because I wanted it. I had to not oppose Chad otherwise be would beat me, but with Liam… I had nothing to fear. He slowly walked backwards into the room where I slept, closing the door quietly while still kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he plopped us on the bed, with him over me. He kissed me deeper as we laid horizontally on the king sized bed, with our kissing getting more heated. I felt his hands travel all over me, sending shivers down my spine. He trailed his fingertips down my arms, parting his lips from mine. He looked down at me, looking in my eyes. 
Neither had the right words to say, so I took the back of his neck, lifting my head to kiss him again. He kissed me back deeply, only to raise my shirt over my head. I felt so nervous as he looked at the bruises and gashed Chad left on me, but Liam had another thought entirely. He leaned down, closing his lips over my bruises and scars, as if he was kissing them off me. I looked down and watched him, running my fingertips against the buzz cut on his head. 
He then looked up at me, looking in my eyes as he lifted off his tshirt. I looked at the muscles on him, with them more impressive in person. I ran my fingertips down his abs, making our eyes lock. He then took the rest of his clothes off, hearing them hit against the floor. I undressed myself in the meantime, no longer embarrassed of my body; not with Liam. He looked in my eyes, then watched me open my legs. I wrapped them around his sculpted torso before he slowly penetrated into me. 
He was slow and gentle as he moved, unlike Chad. He never cared if he hurt me, as long as he was pleased. But Liam, he wanted to please me, by thrusting slow. He then ran a hand slowly down my body, stopping to rub my clit gently. I felt more aroused by his touch, making me get closer to the edge. He brought his lips all over me, still rubbing and pushing into me deeper as time passed. I let moaned come out of my mouth, making him do the same as we moved together. He then finally let himself go in me, making me release with him. Each others names came out, echoing through the walls of the room before he collapsed beside me. 
We both lightly panted, laying still on the huge bed before Liam finally spoke up. “Im such an ass. I-I should’ve taken you to dinner before doing this, but… (Y/N)… please tell me we can be together.” I looked at him, smiling as he did. I nodded, watching his smile grow brighter. He then leaned in, kissing me again one more time before laying with me, waiting to get our energy back for the rest of today.


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